Out of this world games

@mattiedog and the entertainment team have done it again!  Check out the great activities they have planned for SciFiPawty!

#NCM SciFi Trivia You’ve watched all of the Star Trek shows, spent hours in movie theaters watching Star Wars, you know what a Sleestack is, and you know the number that E.T. calls when he phones home – well you are exactly the anipal we want to play along with our game! SciFi Trivia will be a hoot of a time, a silly adventure, and all you have to do is show up. The NipClub Entertainment Team has been gathering all sorts of facts about science fiction: Where was Spock from, Who was my favorite martian, are earth girls easy, and so on!

Join us during the times listed below, practice hitting your Twitter buzzer fast and furiously, bring along your thinking cap, and be the first to tweet the right answer when the Entertainment Leader asks a trivia question and your the winner! What do you win? The title of the most Rootin Tootin SciFi Trivia Anipal on the Planet! You’ll be the hottest thing on Twitter – so much so, we’ll hear you sizzling from miles away! Oh – and if you provide the most correct answers you could win a prize! Hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday April 12   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM    Host: @ToughTeddyBear         .                                                                                                       @HenryTheCat2002   Date: Saturday April 12   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM    Host: @DoggyMolly


#NCM SciFi Anipals v. Aliens Join us on a great excursion! One of the wonderful NipClub Entertainment crew members will lead you through a frightening space tour because we need to save @BorisKitty! Boris has been catnapped by the well known space creature: Silly McGillacatty Catnappers from the planet Pluto! All anipals will gather at the SciFiPawty Space Rocket, where the Entertainment Leader helps everyone get buckled in, and get ready for the space odyssey!

The Entertainment leader will guide you through space, land you on Pluto and then teach you to to walk, and float in space – oh and they’ll likely help orient you to how to ‘zap’ with your little space guns. Why would they do that you ask? Because there’s going to be a shoot out in space! Space aliens and Silly McGillacatty Catnapper will attack from the left and the right and anipals will have to zap zap zap in an effort to free Boris! The bestest, most effective and silly tweeter wins a prize! Make sure to join the Entertainment Leader at the date/time listed below.


Date: Saturday April 12   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM      Host: @OneWhiteDog Date: Sunday April 13      Time:10:00 – 11:00 AM   Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM SciFi Make it soHaven’t you always wanted to be the Captain of your destiny, ruler of your world, the end all and be all of everything!?! Well today’s your lucky day – join one of our fabulous Entertainment Leaders for your chance to be the Captain of your own Starship Enterpaws! Bring a bunch of your buddies, encourage anipals just hanging out at the pawty to join in – you’ll need a Number One, a Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, and red shirts, lots and lots of red shirts (because they never make it past the first scene) – and re-enact scenes from Stark Trek. 

Which Star Trek? Any one! Any year, any version – even if you just make it up, it’s all good here at NpClub. Everyone will play along and try to guess the scene! Best re-enactment, as voted on by the Entertainment Crew leader (and applause of the anipals hanging out at the pawty, and playing along) will win a prize. Join the Entertainment Leader at the date and time listed below – make it so!


Date: Saturday April 12   Time: 7:00 - 8:00 PM      Host: @mattiedog                   .                                                                                                        @BorisKitty                                                                                                                     @Trailerparkdogs  Date: Sunday April 13    Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM   Host: @BorisKitty



Get Your #SciFiPawty gear here

This month we have LOTS of designs to choose from.  To order, contact the designer of the avatar you would like, and tell them which number you choose.


Don`t see anything you like?  We are happy to do custom!    .


Designer @TweetingTruman

ChloeThomasSciFi MooSciFi2 IamRustyCatSciFi            1                                                 2                                                3

JunoSciFiAvi LilyLuWhoTSciFi NewtthecatSciFi           4                                                5                                                 6

PhiSadieSciFi PumpkinPuddySciFi ShaynaSciFi           7                                                 8                                                9

Skye613SciFi TinyPearlCatSciFi tweetingtrumanSciFi         10                                              11                                               12

Designer @puppynumber7

AlfieLuvsCassie & Cassie_Spaniel SciFi1 Bea_Bells Scifi GiambiBoyPup SciFi2         .  1                                                 2                                                3

 Designer @realfakegator

#NCm SciFi Spaceship @cybercat919 #NCm SciFi 2 heads @gromekcat @capnpeanutzilla #NCm SciFi @NewttheCat            1                                                 2                                                3

 Designer @ollyted

StarGate Starwars Steampunk            1                                                 2                                                3

 Designer @MeisRoxyThePug

IAmRustyCat PumpkinPuddy                                                            1                                                 2


Where`s George at Mardis Gras?


#NCM  Mardi Gras Where`s George gameclick on picture to biggify

It’s NipClub Mardi Gras time, and anipals are wearing purple, green, and gold – adorned with long beads and watching the beautiful floats go by! The French Quarter is decked out in a multitude of colors, and the parades are marching with trumpets playing loud, and confetti and trinkets being tossed to everyone.
We sent our fearless reporter, @GeorgeTheDuck out in to the parades to get a first hand account. Except we think he’s wandered on to St. Charles Avenue and into the business district and joined the Zulu parade, last we heard he jumped on the float of Rex – the king of Carnival…and now we can’t find him amidst the hundreds of krews and social groups gathered to celebrate Mardi Gras!
Can you help us find George? Look real hard, high and low, on the floats, streets, buildings, and atop the floats as it is highly likely George has been crowned ‘King’ of the parade!  Leave your @Twitter name, and the number of George’s you find in the comment section below.


Link to answer key                                  http://nipclub.blogspot.com/2014/03/mardi-gras-at-nipclub-march-6th-2014.html                                                                                                                                   scroll to the bottom of the page to see the key


The Petter Joins with #Nipclub this Month


For the March pawty, we want to welcome The Petter as one of our animal rescue #NipClub supporters!  Please follow and say “hi” to The Petter on Twitter at @PetterPlanner, and visit their website atwww.thepetter.com, and watch this helpful video that describes the benefits of The Petter.
The Petter created, Jeannie, asked how she could help support #NipClub and all of the animal rescues that we help. So this month she has joined forces to help bring attention to our cause and will help spread the word about all that we do; and she will be joining us online during the March #NipClub Pawty.
Jeannie’s work as a virtual assistant helped her see that there weren’t any day planners designed for pets, only calendars featuring animal photos. So Jeannie went to work to create The Petter – it’s the only planner and mini scrapbook that helps you keep track of your pet’s schedules. The petter features a scheduler to help track grooming, play dates, feeding, medication, etc., time lines.  The Petter also includes handy notepads, magnetic list pad, page markers, animal facts and quotes, a place to singularly track the registration, medical history, veterinary information, birth dates, important dates in history and genealogy/family tree of up to 6 pets!

 PetterCat    PetterDog

The Petter and Jeannie work really hard to help various animal rescues, their most favorites is located in Nashville TN. “The Petter is a great tool for keeping track of important dates for charity, fundraising information, volunteer meeting and events – it help keep track of special event planning and promotions – like NipClub,” said Jeannie!
We think The Petter will be a big hit, and we are fortunate that Jeannie has donated 4 of them as give aways during the March #NipClub!  To potentially win one of The Petter’s pet planner give aways, please ‘follow’ @PetterPlanner and give a friendly NipClub shout out to Jeannie during the pawty – and leave a comment below, include your @Twitter name, and stay tuned at the end of NipClub where 4 lucky winners will be selected (via Random.org).
Kudos to The Petter for realizing that we animals have busy lives and can use some help in keeping organized – a big NipClub thanks!



Mardi Gras Event Schedule


#NCM Mardi Gras Trivia

So you’ve earned yourself some beads at Mardi Gras, have you! Well then Mardi Gras Trivia will definetly be up your ally, and all you have to do is show up. The NipClub Entertainment Team has been gathering all sorts of facts about Mardi Gras: How did Mardi Gras get it’s start, what is a krew, are there animal-related floats during Mardi Gras and so on!

Join us during the times listed below, just string some beads around your neck, get your boa fluffled up around your neck and place your paw (or flipper, or snake nose, or what have you) on your Twitter buzzer and be the first to tweet the right answer when the Entertainment Leader asks a trivia question and your the winner! What do you win? Well, you’ll win the rights to ride in the big Mardi Gras animal-float as Parade King or Queen – all virtual of course! Okay, and then there may be some real prizes sprinkled about during the contest too – hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday March 8   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM   Host: @OneWhiteDog   Date: Saturday March 8   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PMHost: @ToughTeddyBear               @                                                                                               @HenryTheCat2002

#NCM Mardi Gras Cake eating

Mardi Gras officially begins on Epiphany or King’s Day, the 12th day after Christmas, to honor the Kings who came bearing gifts, and thus is the tradition of the King Cake! The King Cakes are large wreath-shaped cakes that are bedazzled in vibrant shades of purple, green and gold, flavored with a touch of cinnamon sugar, decked out with any of a number of yummy creative fillings – so tasty that you won’t be able to stop. Which actually is a good thing since we’re holding a NipClub Cake Eating Contest – where you nom, nom, nom, the cake in an effor to find the baby. The what? The baby – well a little plastic baby that’s been inserted in to the yummy cake after it was baked! Just be careful you don’t accidentally bite in to or swallow the little plastic baby. If you are lucky one to eat through all of the yummy cake, and make it to the little plastic baby you scream out “Baby!” and you are could be the winner!

Could be I say, because watch out – your screaming ‘baby’ could bring tons of other anipals running towards you and the precious baby – we expect cake to be flying, plastic baby to be tossed about, and frosting all over the place – whoever has the little plastic baby at the end of the Find the Baby-Cake Eating Contest will be crowned the winner! So don some clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, or don’t wear clothes at all – just your fur – because this event is bound to be one of the messiest in history! Join us on the date(s)/time(s) listed below.

Date: Saturday March 8   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM   Host: @Mariodacat             @                                                                                                                 @skye613       Date: Sunday March 9      Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM   Host: @3PhiBotticcelli


#NCM Mardi Gras Parade

You can be a part of the one of the big Mardi Gras parades – each year the parades go up and down and about, and this year is no different. The NipClub Mardi Gras parades will have big floats with bright lights, where anipals sit on top of the floats and toss out anima-safe candy, drinks, foods, whistles, and for the few brave that want to flaunt what their momma’s gave them, well, you’ll be the lucky recipient of some Mardi Gras beads! The parade floats will have various themes – some will even have pirates, so make sure you keep your gold safely tucketed away in your pockets! Join the Entertainment Leader at the date/time below and let him or her know that you want to be in the float parade – then you can help create whatever theme for your float that you want, if you can imagine it, then we’ll include it in our wonderful NipClub Mardi Gras parade!

For those you join in the float parade, willingly or who get tossed on to a float just for being near by, remember the bigger and badder-more fun you have, the more tweets you bring to the parade, you could be picked by the Entertainment Leader to be the King or Queen of the NipClub Float Parade. If you are selected as King or Queen your job will then be to ride atop the float and toss out goodies to all of the anipals lining the (virtual) parade streets! So get ready anipals – the Float Parade is going to be big fun!

Date: Saturday March 8   Time: 6:00 –  7:00 PM   Host: @OneWhiteDog      @                                                                                                                  @WinstonTabby   


#NCM Mardi Gras Murder Mystery

Who would guess that there is a (virtual) murderer amongst us (queue creepy music)? Well, there isn’t really – but for fun, we’re putting together a murder mystery contest. There are three key elements to our NipClub Murdery Myster: Who did it, Where did they do it, and Why did they do it? Oh no, now I’m really scared! So bring your thinking cap, put it securely on your head and pay close attention to the clues as tweeted out by our Entertainment Team volunteer(s) during the date/time listed below.Things you should know: the murders take place in New Orleans, Louisiana – the infamous port town that snugs the banks of the Missisippi River, steeped in a history of influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and beyond, it’s home to a truly unique melting pot of culture, food and music. Who would want to (virtually) murder in this lovely town? Well, one of us anipals of course – could it be you (points little finger at you)? Okay – we’re scared again! Come and join us and have some fun – remember, it’s all make believe so don’t get too scared. Be the first anipal to guess who did it, where they did it, and why they did it and you could win yourself a wonderful NipClub pawty prize!

Date: Sunday March 9 Time:  10:00 – 11:00 AM   Host: @doggymolly



Mardi Gras tailor shop is open!

Time to pick out your Mardi Gras finery.  Want a traditional costume? Wild and flashy costume?  Maybe you prefer to show your Mardi Gras colors with a theme background.  Whatever it is, the Graphics Team tailors can make it happen for you.


@Pumpkinpuddy is modeling a series of Mardi Gras masks created by designer @ToddyFur.  Want to show yourself off   while keeping an air of mystery?   Then choose one of these beautiful sequined masks.


mardi_gras_3  mardi_gras_1  mardi_gras_2



Choose one of @TweetingTr​uman`s creations and join the fun at Mardi Gras.   Come alone or come as a group on your own Mardi Gras float like @3phibotticelli, sisfur Sadie and pal @Doggymolly.  Have motion sickness?  Then choose a festive mask theme background like @PepperPom and @TinyPearlCat.

PepperPomMardiGras    TinyPearlCatMardiGras





avi 4catsstrapski2@PuppyNumber7 gives a nod to Venetian inspired costumes for his Mardi Gras creations.  His motto….go big or go home.   If you agree, choose one of these designs.                                                                                                                                                               Anipals @4catssrapski`s Bode, @Skye613 and @DakotaBdog have taken that phrase to heart.

avi Dakota3b avi Skye613b


Mardi Gras is Coming!

#NCM Mardi Gras banner new

Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday) refers to New Orleans’ Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after the Epiphany (Kings day) and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday.  Fat Tuesday refers to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season that begins on Ash Wednesday.  Popular practices include wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades, etc.

If ever there was a celebration made for #nipclub, it’s Mardi Gras!

Even now, the Entertainment team is planning a weekend of Mardi Gras fun, the Barktenders are planning their menus, DJ’s are readying playlists, and Graphic Artists are sewing the finest of Mardi Gras outfits for anyone who want one.

Keep watching for more details, and as they say in New Orleans…

Let the good times roll!




Frankie goes to Hollywoof, and so does George

Hooray for Hollywood – that screwy, ballyhooed Hollywood! The lights, the cameras, the glitz, the glamour, the duck! The duck? Yes, it’s seems our very own @GeorgeTheDuck has fancied himself the next Quentin Tarantino, or as we like to call him “Quacktin Duckantino” and is off wandering around movie studios looking for just the right anipal he can help become the next Scarlett Johannson! So, if you see a little 2″ yellow duck waddling about the Warner Brothers lot, yup – that’s George, make sure you tell him to get back to the pawty because all of his NipClub pals miss him.

Can you find George – or more like ‘Georges’? There are quite a few, because it takes a lot of Georges to wander about Hollywood! Leave a note in the comments below telling us how many Georges you found (floating head Georges count too – think of them like one of those huge Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons) along with your @Twitter name.


#NCM Hollywood Wheres George game    click on picture to biggify

                          Link to answer key                            http://nipclub.blogspot.com/2014/02/eighties-brat-pack-movie-tribute-pawty.html


Our February Charity: Dori’s Darlings

Take me home with you: Dori's Darling Wylie

Take me home with you: Dori’s Darling Wylie

This month we have a charity recommended to us by NipClub’s Nip Chef, @WinstonTabby. Based in Houston, Texas, Dori’s Darlings is a cat rescue with an enormous heart. Every year this rescue saves hundreds of cats from life out on the mean streets and the even more dangerous environment of the high-rate kill shelters. Cats and kittens saved by them are not at risk of being put to sleep. Every cat they rescue will be spayed or neutered, fully vetted, micro-chipped and protected against rabies, FVRCP, worms and fleas. They’ll also be given any additional vet treatment they are found to need, whether it’s as simple as drops for ear-mites or as complex as an in-depth medical procedure.

Wanna dance?: Dori's Darling Pierson

Wanna dance?: Dori’s Darling Pierson

The next step is to place them in loving foster care until Dori’s Darlings can find them their purrfect forever home. At no point after their rescue do they live in a shelter, but from Day 1 they are surrounded by a loving home environment. Like all our NipClub charities, Dori’s Darlings has a 503(c)1 registration. It’s run entirely by volunteers and has no paid staff at all, so every donation you make, whether large or small, will go in full towards the welfare of the cats. You don’t need take my word for that, as @WinstonTabby has first-paw experience of this amazing rescue. It was Dori’s Darlings who found him his forever home, and he has nothing but good to meow about them.

Please remember, every donation, no matter how small it may seem to you, will be a massive help to them!


Hollywoof Event Schedule


#NCM Hollywood Red Carpet Walk

You will not want to miss all the glitz and glamour of the big #NipClub Red Carpet Arrival!  Join us as we send out our fleet of stretch limousines to your location on Twitter, and virtually bring you to our official Red Carpet entrance event.

As you pass through the Red Carpet entrance gate and your limousine door opens you’ll be greeted by our #NipClub Entertainment reporter who will announce your arrival, ask you about your outfit, comment on your dazzling beauty or fantastic handsomeness, and encourage you to strike a pose or strut your stuff while the pupparatzi swarm in and take pictures of you.

Come dressed to dazzle because at the Red Carpet entrance event, you are the star! You can attend solo, with a partner, with someone else’s partner, or a bunch of partners, we don’t set rules, we break them!

Date: Sat Feb 8  Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM Eastern Hosts: @CherylPoeStone                    @                                                                                          @MarioDaCat


#NCM Hollywood Movie Premiers

You drama queen (or king), you!  All doodled up, making googlie faces at yourself, donning clothes your human dressed you in. The camera just loves you – and so do we.  HollyWoof Meow, Chirp, or Glub will showcase some of this years best anipal-related highlight real.  No movie about you is too small or too large – as long as an anipal is the star, it won’t hit the cutting room floor.

Join us in the grand movie theater during the date and time listed below, stop by the concession stand and pick up a bucket of popcorn and some Raisenettes (pet-friendly raisins of course), relax in one of the cushy velvet lounge seats, sit back, put your paws up and chillax while we show you our #NipClub HollyWoof Meow, Chirp, or Glub highlight reel!

Date: Sat Feb 8  Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM Eastern  Host:  @3phibotticelli


#NCM Hollywood Trivia

Roll film – here’s your chance to showcase your movie knowledge! Movie Mania Trivia promises to be a lively adventure, and all you have to do is show up. The #NipClub Entertainment Team has been gathering all sorts of facts about movies: What was the highest grossing film of 1984, What Year did Sandra Bullock win an Academy Award, Has an animal ever been nominated for an Oscar, and so on!

Join us during the times listed below, get your paw (or flipper, or snake nose, or what have you) on your Twitter buzzer and be the first to tweet the right answer when the Entertainment Leader asks a trivia question and your the winner! What do you win? Bragging rights, you’ll become a Twitter legend, your ego can expand to take up the vast space of the Internet! Okay, we may have some real prizes sprinkled about during the contest too – hope to see you there!

Date: Sat Feb 8   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern  Host: @doggymolly   Date: Sun Feb 9   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM Eastern Host:  @3PhiBotticelli


#NCM Hollywood Movie Re-enactment

Remember when you were a kid and could recite your favorite movies, line-by-line? Well, it’s time to be a kid again! You and your family reciting favorite movie lines, guessing which movie it’s from, and just plain having fun. Join a member of the #NipClub Entertainment team as they call out a famous scene from a famous movie and you get to re-enact it!

*Pounds widdle paw on table and moans and groans*
“I’ll have what she’s having!”
This famous scene brought to you by @MattieDog and his clever re-enactment of:
“When Harry Met Sally”

Join us for a rollicking good time of pure fun and silliness. This event will surely be a big hit for participants and those anipals who just want to sit and watch the movie re-enactments.

Date: Sat Feb 8  Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM Eastern  Host: @germansho​rthair


#NCM Hollywood Movie Bingo

B-I-N-G-O! Come and join us as we host a hilarious game of HollyWoof Bingo! Played just like regular bingo where one of our Entertainment team members will gather a group of anipals to play bingo and then give you each a bingo card – and then call out names found on the bingo card until someone in the group gets a line across, up or down or diagonal, on their bingo card and tweets out, loud and proud for the whole Twitterverse to hear, “BINGO!”

If you are the first anipal to tweet out Bingo and have a winning bingo card, then you win a prize! You can take the prize or go for what’s behind ‘door number 2′ (but since there isn’t anything behind door number 2, we highly recommend you take the prize). There will be up to four HollyWoof Bingo tournaments so, show up and remember to keep your wrists flexible, because bingo is a tough sport! Join us at the date and time listed below and don’t be late or you might not get a seat!

Date: Sunday Feb 9  Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM Eastern  Host: @MattieDog

click on the card you choose to biggify it

#NCM Hollywood bingo card.directors chair #NCM Hollywood Bingo card.film #NCM Hollywood Bingo card.camera

#NCM Hollywood bingo card.light  #NCM Hollywood bingo card.star #NCM Hollywood bingo card.popcorn

#NCM Hollywood bingo card.ticket #NCM Hollywood bingo card.scene clapper #NCM Hollywood bingo card.red carpet #NCM Hollywood  bingo card.masks