Outback Activities


#NCM Australia 2014 Games.BarrierReef

It’s magical, it’s wondrous, it’s the Great Barrier Reef tour! We guarantee that you have never seen anything like it. Join up with one of the Entertainment Team member(s) during the time(s) listed below and you will be in for a treat. The tour wills tart out with scuba diving and snorkeling lessons – wet suits are option, but swimming suits are not (okay, they may be option). Jump in to your skivvies and join us by the water. Our Entertainment Team member will get you comfortable in your equipment and teach you how to dive, use your fins, and make sure your buoyancy is just right for you to float about and take in all the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Tours start, well, whenever every anipal is comfy and then we splash off – bobbing and diving throughout the waters – but just looky-no touchy, the Reef is special and we don’t want to harm it. For a sneak peak of what awaits you click here: Great Barrier Reef. See you at the beach!

Date: Sat Sept 13     Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EDT     Host: @OneWhiteDog Date: Sun  Sept 14    Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT   Host: @3PhiBotticelli


#NCM Australia 2014 Games.Boomerang

Boomerang, crikey mate you toss one of those things and they just come back at ya! Well, that’s the goal! Join one of the Entertainment Team members during the time(s) listed below and enter the Bubberah Toss game. Every anipal will be led through calisthenics where we’ll all reap the benefits of flexing our arms (or wings… this will be rather tough if you are a snake, so serpent-types may just want to wriggle about) until we’re all warmed up. Then the Entertainment Leader will guide you through some Bubberah Toss practice tosses – be careful though, we just installed new lights in the outfield, so try not to break anything (I’m sensing danger here). After a brief warm up we’ll take turns tossing our Bubberahs down the long field where we’ll see who can get it out the farthest and have it return closest to them – all boomerang-stying, like! The anipal with the closest return wins a prize – one point for every returned Bubberah, minus 5 points for every broken outfield light, or smacking upside another opponents noggin! Hee hee hee! Okay, well, don’t do that!

Date:  Sat Sept 13      Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm EDT    Host:   @petsarefound Date:  Sun Sept 14     Time: 8:00 – 9:00 am EDT    Host:  @petsarefound                                          


#NCM Australia 2014 Games.Didgeridoo

You have good lungs? Okay, with the exception of fishes, whom we will help out, do you have good lungs? If you do and you’ve always wanted to give blowing in to a big, long, wooden, trumpet like object we’ve got the thing for you! First things first however – we’ll all gather down by the wondrous Sydney Opera House to watch our wondrous Entertainment Leader perform didgeridoo NipClub-style! Join us during the time(s) listed below and watch our Entertainment Mastro(s) create magic as they ‘puff puff puff’ on their didgeridoo, making glorious sounds while they move around on stage and regale you all with magically moments. Then get ready, it’s your turn! You will be told the history of the didgeridoo, then you’ll be lead through carving (with anipal-safe tools, mind you) out your own didgeridoo, and next playing your didgeridoo! Join in the fun mate!

Date:  Sat Sept 13    Time:  5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT    Host:  @HenryTheCat2002                           .                                                                                              @toughteddybear

.#NCM Australia 2014 Games.Trivia

It is what it says – a great big joyful fun event of trivia! We’ll gather around a bon fire, huddle all tight and play a delightful game of Australia Trivia. What is the largest Australian inland city? When is Australia Day? What animal carries its’ babies in a pouch? What is Australia’s tallest bird? Our Entertainment Team member(s) will ask questions, give clues, and all you have to do is be the first one to answer and you win a cuddle with a kangaroo! Okay, well, maybe that was a stretch, but still you’ll have fun. We’ll play Australia Trivia, round and round we’ll go – if, at the end of the game you are the anipal with the most right answers you will win a prize! Join us during the time(s) listed and tweet to the Entertainment Team member(s) listed, letting them know you are ready to play Australia Trivia and you could end up winning a cool prize!

Date: Sat Sept 13      Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm EDT        Host:  @meisroxythepug  Date: Sun Sept 14     Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am EDT     Host:  @3PhiBotticelli




Your NipClub Entertainment Team Needs YOU!!

#NipClub Entertainments Recruitment Poster

Every month our NipClub weekend pawty includes games and entertainments brought to you by members of our pawesome Entertainment Team. As well as thinking up ideas for your enjoyment, members of the team also act as leaders for the various games and entertainments that go on. From jet-skiing to snowball fights, trivia quizzes to fashion shows, all our games and entertainments have one thing in common – they’re led by one of our Entertainment Team.

Now, here’s where YOU come in.

Our Entertainment Team get lots of satisfaction from their work, but they could use some extra colleagues to help out! We have quite a number of pals who can come up with great ideas, but what we really need right now is some volunteers to help to lead the games and entertainments.

It’s great fun and an exhilarating thing to do, and everyone who leads an entertainment of any kind has the satisfaction of knowing that they’re helping our charity in a special way. They’re also helping to provide a lot of laughter and enjoyment for our members, and making a big contribution to the weekend’s success.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. We’ll pair you up with a current member of the team so you can see how it’s done before you have to do it on your own, and you can ask them any questions you might have and share their best advice and tips.

We’ll do our best to find you the most time-zone-friendly entertainment slot, and of course we’ll understand if you can’t always be available each month – we just need you to let us know as soon as possible anytime you can’t make it.


Please DM @Doggymolly and tell her that you’d like to apply to join the Entertainment Team.

Go for it!


Let #Nipclub get you ready for Australia!


In loving memory of @JessieJaney, a wonderful friend to #Nipclub, we will be returning to Australia for our monthly pawty September 13-14.

@janejessey akubra.  @jessiejaney akubra hat

Jane loved the Outback and it`s animals.  She also loved Twitter`s Anipal Community, and was on the original #Nipclub Monthly`s Graphics team.  She was an advocate of letting anipals` natural beauty show through on the avatars she made, preferring to feature an anipal in whole rather than adding their head to a human body.  In honor of Jane, #Nipclub Graphic artists will feature anipals in their natural fur.

If you were fortnate enough to have had Jane make you an Aussie avatar in the past, please use it to honor her.  If you no longer have it, let @RealFakeGator know, as he has access to many of the avatars she made.

If you don`t already have an Aussie avatar, no worries, we can help!  You can wear one of the Akbra hats that Jane added to many of her Aussie avatars,  while posing with Outback animals, sporting backgrounds of Australian scenery, Aboriginal art or Australian artifacts.  As much as possible, each avatar will be a one of a kind…made especially for you!


Australian Scenery Style

Gator-Ayers Rock  TrumanAustralia  Owen-Australia hat
  PepperpomAustralia  KatiebellaAustralia

Aboriginal Art Style

@NoCrybabyDoGs Daffy Australia  TiggybeanAustralia

Australian Artifacts Style

#NCM Australia 2014 @4catsstapski  Dylcat1Australia

Australian Animals Style

 NewtthecatAustralia  IamrustycatAustralia  DoggymollyAustralia

What can we do for you?

@TweetingTruman, @RealFakeGator, @MeisRoxyThePug, @ToddyFur, @OllyTed, @PuppyNumber‎7



#Nipclub Returns to Australia

#NCM Australia Banner @TweetingTruman

In loving memory of @JessieJaney, a wonderful friend to #Nipclub,                 we will be returning to Australia for our monthly pawty September 13-14.  

Please join us.


Taking Orders for Tennis Togs!

#Nipclub graphics team is ready to dress you for the Tennis Championships.   See something you like?  Let us know which style you want.   Don`t see anything your like?  We can do custom!!

@TweetingTruman`s tennis outfits

DoggymollyAug Dylcat1Aug IamrustycatAug    Models: @doggymolly                 @Dylcat1                    @IamRustyCat

MariodacatAug PurrbotKittyAug ShaynacatAugModels:  @Mariodacat            @PurrbotKitty                      @Shaynacat


@PuppyNumber7`s tennis outfits

4catsstrapski bode tennis baxter_man tennis dakotabdog tennisModels:  @4catsstrapski         @Baxter_man                    @DakotaBDog

Tennis  Whatdoingdugal tennis                                       @MarieTheTabby & @LovePookieCat  @WhatDoingDugal


@MeisroxythepUg`s avatars

Barnabas_Tennis  zipper_tennis                                       Models:  @BarnabasKitten and @Dacupcakekitty


@RealFakeGator`s tennis outfits

#NCM Tennis Model @Katiebella  #NCM Tennis Model @Pumpkinpuddy  #NCM Tennis Model @OwenTheTonk       Models: @Katiebella              @Pumpkinpuddy                 @OwenTheTonk

#NCM Tennis Model @MeisRoxyThePug    #NCM Tennis Model @GiambiBoyPup @                        @MeisRoxyThePug           @GiambiBoyPup



Anipal Tennis Championships Event Schedule


#NCM Tennis Games banner.Tennis Matches

Join in the fun and everyone, single, doubles, and whatever else you might bring to the net, will have a good time! All of us anipals will have a grea time – join us down by the tennis fields and we’ll all enjoy having a good time. Are you solo – well, then you will do well in the singles challenges, or if you like a twosome, well then doubles are for you; any more than that and you can join in our free-for-all where everyone gets on the tennis courts, tennis racket sin hand, and ‘whack whack whacks’ until you can’t whack any more. Traditional tennis scoring is likely not what you’ll find here, and well, other than we wear white outfits, that’s about all you’ll find in similiarities! But other than that, come on down and join us in our fun! Good, solid tennis (well, sorta tennis) related fun is what you’ll find when you join in the frivolity! Tweet out to the Entertainment Leader noted, and we’ll come on out and create some fun for you to join in!

Date: Sat Aug 9   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT   Host: @OneWhiteDog   Date: Sun Aug 10   Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am EDT   Host: @3PhiBotticelli


#NCM Tennis Games banner.Trivia

Two fuzzy balls crossed the street to get to the other side…. why did they do that? Well, to be smacked by a tennis racket that’s why! Who understand tennis? We don’t! Oh, wait, you do? Well then this is the place for you! Come on down to the tennis nets and get ready to answer quetions about tennis! Who was the first female tennis player to…. do something!?!? We may not know what question to ask, but we sure do know the anser! Join in the fun and get ready to answer questions where timing of the answer is key – first answer gets the title of “Winner!” and the overall winner may get a big prize to hold and keep precious! Join us during the dates and times listed by the Entertainment Leader(s) – and you could be the big time winner!

Date: Sat Aug 9   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm EDT  Host: @HenryTheCat2002


#NCM Tennis Games banner.Fashion Show

MODEL CALL!!! Tennis Fashion Show!!! Put on your white frocks, socks, skirts, tiaras, raquettes, and whatever makes you twirl about with laughter! Come on anipals – it’s a big slice of apple pie! Tennis fun is for all – so string your rackets and sashay down the isle, we’ll be ready to enjoy! What’s in fashion? It’s hard to know when you are an anipal – sometimes it’s a full covered body and sometimes it’s a strategically placed tennis raquet-but whatever it is, it’s all good, and we’ll be looking forward to you joining in the fun! If you want to join in the fun contact one of the Entertainment Leaders listed and none-to-soon you’ll be swaying up and down the aisles!

Date: Sat Aug 9   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm EDT   Host: TBA


#NCM Tennis Games banner.TreasureHunt

Holy smack – it’s a treasure hunt! But what are we hunting? Tennis balls! The anipal that finds and collects the most tennis balls wins! What do they win – a quazillion gallons of ice cream! Okay, prolly not that, but they’ll win a coold prize that screams “I’m the anipal!” Come one out, and just like Easter eggs see how many tennis balls you can find! Anipals have snuck around the area, hding tennis balls throghought the area – and all you have to do is find them! Some balls will be hidden in places that might make you go “eek’ and others, well, they may just be hanging out and having fun! Join one of our Entertainment Leaders during the date/times listed and you’ll be entered in the big Tennis Ball Treasure Hunt!

Date: Sat Aug 9   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EDT   Host: TBA


#NCM Tennis Games banner.Show Me

Are you a chasing type of anipal? Well then Show Me The Balls is for you! Line up by the Entertainment Leader and get ready – once you hear the “one, two, three, go!” sound and head off down toward the ball that’s been flung you are right on target! The goal of this game is to catch all, or as many, of the balls that are flung down the long, grassy knoll. The Entertainment Leader will get things ready – get the anipals all lined up, where you’ll meet up – and then announce a chase! “One, two, three, go!” All anipals lined up will chase and try to catch all the balls – there are no rules, so if you have a friend on the green gathering the balls and you feel lazy, instead of chasing them you go get in a golf cart and get them well, then that’s up to you! But what ever you do – scream/tweet out how many balls you have caught becase the anipal with the most balls found is the winner!

Date: Sun Aug 10   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT   Host: @3PhiBotticelli


Have a great time!




Anipal Tennis Championships

#NCM Tennis Banner by Olly #NC Tennis invite graphic by Olly



Beach Weekend Games and Events

#NCM Beach BBQ games.Volleyball Date: Sat July 12   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 pm EDT   Host: @ToughTeddyBear                                                                                                                    @HenryTheCat2002

Come be a part of the big game! Tweet out to one (or both) of the Entertainment Leaders listed below, and join in the fun. Don’t know how to play vollyball – it doesn’t matter, some of us don’t know what we’re doing either! It’s the fun of playing in the sand, whacking a ball about, running under the net, jumping on your friend’s shoulders in order to spike the ball over the net that counts, who cares if it’s legal or not. Get on a team and play in the big volleyball match up – just wear your swim trunks/suit, because getting sand out of your fur, or feathers, or scales, or whatever, is kinda hard to do. WHO will be the winner of this tournament? Join in the fun during the time(s) listed below – and be a part of a team that perhaps will be crowned: Volleyball Winners of the World!

#NCM Beach BBQ games.Tetherball Date: Sun July 13   Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am EDT   Host: @3Phibotticelli

A ball on a rope tied to a pole, anipals smack it around, what could go wrong? A LOT! This one will be fun – and Sekurity will be on hand to pass out bandages if needed. No, it won’t be that bad – just balls bouncing around as anipals (in teams or solos – whatever floats your boat) work to get the ball all the way around, and around, and around, the pole until it can’t go any more! This is the stuff that tetherball legends are made of. Come on down during the dates and times listed below, chat with the Entertainment Leader and get your game on! If you play – we’re handing out refreshments, because tetherball is a thrist-making kinda game!

 #NCM Beach BBQ games.CongaDate: Sat July 12   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 pm EDT   Host: @OneWhiteDog

Come on baby, let’s do the conga! Put on your swimsuit, trunks, swim cap, a sarrong, or whatever floats your boat and get down to the beach during the dates/times listed below. Join our fabulous Entertainment Leaders and the DJ’s as they sponsor a spectacular Beach Conga Line Dance Off!! The one thing anipals love to do is strut their stuff at Nipclub – and now you get to do it on a beach! Once the music starts, the Entertainment Leaders will initiate the dance off – and then all the rules go out the door (or the beach). This event will sure go down in history as pure fun, so make sure you get in line early and remember to warm up your hips (give em a good wiggle as you make your way to the beach). Come one, come all, and let’s do the Conga!

 #NCM Beach BBQ games.WaterSports Date: Sun July 13   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 pm EDT   Host: @3Phibotticelli

We have got the toys for this month’s NipClub pawty – so come prepared, dress appropriately, wear arm floaties if you need to, and be ready for some serious fun in the sun! We have windsurfing, paddelboarding, Sunfish sailing, jet skis, surfboards, power boats, and there might even be a yacht or two for you to to abscond with! Join us at the Water Games Station, join up with one of the Entertainment Leaders listed during the dates/times below and have a bevy of fun with a whole bunch of other like-minded anipals!


#NCM Beach BBQ games.HoolaHoop Date: Sat July 12   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm EDT   Host: @doggymolly

Remember hoolahoops? Those big, round, plastic hoops that you swivelled around your hips, and the faster that you could make them go around, the more noise the little beads in the hoop would make! Well, it’s hoolahoop competision time anipals! Come join the fun during the date/times listed below, hoolihoops will be given out – and once the whistle blows, the fun begins – we all hoolihoop like mad! Who will be the winner of the hoops? Can the doggies resist not running off with the hoops? Will the hoops be smeared in nip to put off the kitties? Find out by joining in the fun!

 #NCM Beach BBQ games.BBQ Date: Sat July 12   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm EDT   Host: @DCKitty

Health codes be darned – we gonna let you bring your own food and grill it to your liking on our fancy schmansy NipClub BBQ pit! Don an apron (cuz you don’t want to singe yourself now), join one of the Entertainment Leaders listed below, and then everyone will work with the Barktenders to ‘grill up somethin’ tasty!’ Could be steak, or burgers, or salmon, or veggies, heck even pineapple is awesome when it’s grilled just a bit! This fun event has the Entertainment Leaders and Barktenders collaborate with all party goers in order to create fun with anipals who want to grill up some NOMS!

See You There!



Beach BBQ and Volleyball Clothing Here!

Need duds for a weekend chock full of beach activities?                                     We`ve got `em here!

Let @TweetingTruman get you ready for the big Volleyball game

   IamRustyCatBeachVolleyball   PumpkinpuddyBeachVolleyball   SkyeBeachVolleyball models @IamRustyCat  @Pumpkinpuddy  @doggymollyDylcat1BeachVolleyballmodel @Dylcat1

@RealFake Gator has volleyball as well as beach event-wear.                   Just let him know what beach or sport look you want

 #NCM Beach BBQ @claptonterrier    #NCM Beach BBQ @bea_bells                                               models @claptonterrier   @bea_bells

#NCM Beach BBQ @LizzieButtrose #NCM Beach BBQ @Katiebella #NCM Beach BBQ @cybercat919 models @LizzieButtrose  @katiebella @cybercat919

Let @MeisRoxyThePug get you ready to cook, relax or dress for the big volleyball match

Mattie Phi Volleyball models @mattiedog @3phibotticelli @cats_meows

@ToddyFur is standing by to dress you for the BBQ or sports

BBQ_Ditzee Surfer_Tiggybean VB_ChazzTheDog1 models @DitzeeDinker  @tiggybean  @chazzthedog1


Keep watching for more additions!


Beach BBQ, with Volleyball

Beach BBQ, with Volleyball
*July 12-13*


Keep watching for details!