Wine Country Wearables

Let @ToddyFur put you into the Wine Country scene by putting you into a Wine Country scene!  Contact Toddy and let him know which of the background scenes you’d like.

Biddy and Wine Barrel Example   Chazz  and Wine Bottle Example   Ronja with Vines Example     .Biddy and Wine Barrel      Chazz and Wine Bottle            Ronja with Vines

                    Toddy and Wine Bottle Example   Winston Example                               Toddy and Wine Bottle     Winston and Wine Glass


@PuppyNumber7 will put you right where you want to be…drinking wine!  Contact Thomas to select one of these great wine drinking avatars.

Bea_Bells wine    ChazzTheDog1 Wine    LilacBeagle wine     In the vineyard with Bea  Grape-side with Chazz Wine Frame with LilacBeagle

Nancycakeface wine                                                         In the garden with Nancy


Whether it’s putting you on a private label wine, or into awine-themed border or winery tour, @realfakegator is ready to help.

#NCM Wine Country bottle model @pumpkinpuddy    #NCM Wine Country bottle model @cybercat919    #NCM Wine Country frame model @bloohoundndots     …..Private vintage                       Grapevine border                Wine bottle Frame            

#NCM Wine Country vinyard models @TinkieWeed & @RosieRoseLAVineyard Tour


As always, we`re happy to do custom!


Wine Country Activities

#NCM Wine Country Stomp


#NCM Wine Country Tasting

Come join the #NipClub Entertainment Team as they lead us in making, bottling and tasting the yearly wine harvest! We’ll stroll through the vineyards, smell the fresh air, pick the ripe grapes, stomp stomp stomp on the fruit with our bare paws, prepare and bottle the wine, wait a few seconds and then go to the wine tasting room and sip samples of our wine-making efforts! We’re sure mayhem will ensue, with grapes being tossed at each other, juice dunking, stomping and sloshing all over the place, and well, just general, crazy #NipClub fun! That’s the whole point isn’t it? Make sure you join in the fun – bring extra clothes to change in to as it is highly likely that you will get dirty! Oh, and we’ll also make grape juice for the young anipals – so please feel free to bring them along! Join us and get your stomp on!

Date: Saturday October 10 Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT Host: TBA                       Date: Sunday October 11 Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM Wine Country Wine Train

Remember the #Nipclub Express, the super-luxury train that, last May, took you on a journey back to the days of the Golden Age of Travel?  Yeah, well that isn’t this train.  This train is the grape stomp/wine tasting rolling after-party.  Is that the train moving or is it head spins?  Who knows.  Seat yourself in the dining car, watch the view from the domed viewing car, feel free to wander between cars.   Come join your #NipClub Entertainment host on the best hour of the evening.  Take note…depending on exactly how much fun anipals have had at the grape stomp / wine tasting, this may either be a round trip or one way trip out of town. 

Date: Saturday October 10 Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EDT Host: TBA


#NCM Wine Country Vinyard Maze

Did you see all of the mayhem that ensued during the grape stomp and wine tasting?  Now that everyone is a bit tipsy, needs to walk it off, is ready for another adventure, it`s time to head out to the vineyards where vigneron (someone who cultivates a vineyard for winemaking) @ShaynaCat has finished creating the mother of all mazes in the vineyard.  Is this the Wine Country version of the maze we saw in “The Shining”?  Did all work and no play make Shayna a dull anipal?  Is this the Wine Country version of a Gilligan’s Island “3 hour tour”?  Come join the #NipClub Entertainment Team as they host an hour of fun in the #Nipclub Estates vineyard maze.   So wear comfy clothes, bring a bottle of wine for hydration, perhaps an axe (just in case) and join us for this fun event!

Date: Sunday October 11 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT Host: @3phibotticelli




#nipclub monthly returns to Napa

#NCM Wine Country twitvite

#NipClUb RETURNS to wine CoUntry

October 10-11, 2015


Can you believe it`s been 2  years since we visited Wine Country?Neither can we!


Can you remember the fun we had?                                           Neither can they!                                                                                  (why why do you think we waited 2 yrs to come back)               


Wait, you don`t remember?                                                              Take a look!


Taking orders for Tartans!

The #Nipclub Highland Games are just around the corner and the Design team is ready to take your order!  We have classic tartans,  highland games activity avatars, Scottish highland and moors backgrounds.  Want to come wearing your natral fur/feathers/scales/whatever?  Let us give you a Scottish look with a tartan frame or Scottish background.  

Take a look at what we have to offer… and remember, we are happy to do custom, just give us an idea of what you’d like.


 CinniHG   KatiebellaHG   LilyLuWhoTHG  Thinking about entering the Scottish Country Dancing?  Take the lead from @CinniMini2, @katiebella2 and @LilyLuWhoT  

DylanCat1HG   MollyHG   ShaynaHG
The Highland Games is your  chance to throw heavy things without getting arrested.  Let Truman know if you`d like one of the outfits modeled by @DylanCat1, @doggymolly or @shaynacat 

IamRustyCatHG   MarioHG                                                       How about entering the Bagpipe boogie like @IamRustyCat?  Perhaps you prefer to walk the Highlands like @mariodacat


dakota highland games   mewmewmurphy highland games                                                     Need more options for Highland Game-wear?  Take a look at what @DakotaBDog and @MewMewMurphy are wearing.


Gator Highland Games  #NCM HighlandGames @cats_meows  @efthimiak Micromute kilt  @SquirtTheCat Kilt  Show off your kilt with Scottish scenery in the background like @RealFakeGator, @mariethetabby, @efthimiak Micromute and @SquirtTheCat

#NCM HighlandGames @LadyGreyFox   #NCM HighlandGames @HarveyButtonNZ 2015   #NCM HighlandGames 2015 @ToughTeddybear    Put yourself into a tartan frame, dressed up or just as you are, like @LadyGreyFox, @HarveyButtonNZ and @ToughTeddybear

#NCM HighlandGames @LilyLWhoT   #NCM HighlandGames @HRHDuchessII                                                         Want something a little different, but with a hint of a Scottish theme?  See what @LilyLuWhoT and @HRHDuchessII are wearing.


Fun and Games in the Scottish Highlands

#NCM HighlandGames 2015 Stone Put Toss

You been lifting heavy weights and getting all ready for the September NipClub Stone Put Tossing event? Me neither – but it still will be lots of fun! This Stone Put toss is akin to the modern day shot-put but with a stone picked from the local NipClub river – but not just any stone, a 16-18 pound stone. You’ll use your little fuzzy, furry, scaley or what have you arms or fins to throw from behind the “trig” or toe board to as faaaaar as you can, for distance. But the flair is in the toss – you don’t just whip it, you throw with style: there are several different throwing styles that can be used including the glide (a smooth, almost dance like movement to get all your energy under the stone to toss it forward; or the spin, where you twirl around like a dervish and let go at just the right time). The throw is recorded by measuring the distance from the back of the trig to wherever it hits first on the ground. No cheating! You hear me – there’s to be no ‘help’ from the audience, or anipals you hire to carry the ball forward while the judge isn’t looking! Each competitor is allowed three attempts with the best throw being recorded for the final score. Yes, it’s sure to be a mighty fine, thrill seeking yet virtually safe game. Don’t worry though, there will be a medic on hand for thunks on the head (hee hee!).                                                                                                                                                    

Join the Entertainment Leader during the time listed, and you’ll be set for some guaranteed fun! Prize for the most creative Stone Put Tosser!

Date: Saturday August 12   Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM EDT   Host: @lucky_gsd


#NCM HighlandGames 2015 Scottish Dancing

We’re going to ask that you join us down in the beautifully lush lawn, infront of the NipClub stadium and participate in the big Scottish Country Dance! You’ll be lined up across from another anipal and dance to your hearts deligh – it’s hard to find a more graceful dance than Scottish Country Dancing (unless our anipal pals are dancing it). The boys will don kilts and the lasses will be in white dresses with tartan sashes to perform some intricate (or not) dance steps, Our super pawesome NipClub DJs will be creating some pawesome tunes, and you are invited to strut your stuff solo style, or as a twosome (threesomes and foursomes are okay as well, heck, if you want the whole lot of you can break out in a River Dance scene) – and dance up a storm. The Scottish Country Dance games will start out all with the Entertainment Leaders calls, but then we’re sure it will digress in to something more like a stomp, or mosh pit, or even a good old country line dance – but at least it will start out in the traditional Highland Dance way!

The best Scottish Country Dancer will win a prize, so make sure to join the Entertainment Leader listed in the time below and come on out and have a good time.

Date: Saturday August 12   Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT   Host: TBA


#NCM HighlandGames 2015 Scottish Trivia

So you think you know your Scottish Trivia now do ya? Well, this trivia contest is going to test your knowledge! Do you know the name of the sea monster that lives in a river in Scotland? Do you know what river that sea monster lives in? What’s the capital of Scotland? What is the national animal of Scotland (hint: you won’t believe it)? Okay anipals now that you know how this trivia game will be played, come on down to the grassy knoll and gather around in a nice big circle while our Entertainment Leader(s) thrill you with a game of Scottish Trivia! If you know some Scottish trivia, we encourage you to just tweet your question out and don’t hold back – we encourage you to join in the fun! Play along and if you know the answer, tweet it – and if you have a question just tweet it out, it’s going to be a free for all knowledge hoedown of all things Scottish.

Join the Entertainment Leader during the time listed and bring a safety pin because with the windy weather, the kilt your wearing may flip open! Oh, and there will be a prize for the anipal with the most correct answers!

Date: Saturday August 12   Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EDT   Host: @Lucky_GSD


#NCM HighlandGames 2015 Hole in 1

Join us as we all gather on the luxurious and historic lawn of St. Andrews. Join the NipClub Entertainment Leader listed and you’ll be in for 9 holes of sheer fun! While most anipals may consider golf an elitest sport, here at NipClub it’s totally accessible, with a glorious lawn to play on….but with a twist! A twist you say? Yes a twist! The Entertainment Leader will drop down 9 balls – each anipal that plays (can be singles, doubles, triples, or what-have-you on a team) take turns wacking the balls…but what happens, that is the twist! All but one ball will be just what it appears – a nice golf ball, looking to be lodged as far as your splendid golf swing will take it, but one ball….it will be the devil packed in a dimply, round ball of goodness! One player in every nine, who takes their turn swinging at a golf ball, will get a suprise *kapow* but will it be a good prize (e.g. glitter and streamers) or a hilarious prize (e.g. exploding jello splattered all over you) – the only way to know? Just take a swing – come on, it won’t be that bad!

The anipal that swings with the most drama, glamor or pizzaz will win a glorious prize! So, it’s worth the chance – just bring an extra pair of clothes because you never know what will happen. So wear your golfing best, grab your golf balls and bag, and join the Entertainment Leader during the time listed below and you will be guaranteed a great time!

Date: Saturday August 12   Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT   Host: TBA


#NCM HighlandGames 2015 Kilt Race

Kilts will be a fluttering about during this fun event! We are going to have a little fun with you while you wear your kilt with Scottish pride. Every anipal will be given a lovely kilt to wear and then the games begin: there will be hopscotch, pole vaulting, long jumping, and a race around the NipClub track! We’ll even have little rubber squeaky toys for the dogs to chase about in their kilts, as well as lasers that beam lights for the cats to pounce on. The goal of this event is to have as much fun scampering and skittering about while keeping your kilt in place and decent like (you know what I mean).

Anipals will join the Entertainment Leader during the time listed below, and lead through a series of fun events (and a few made up ones that we didn’t list) to see which anipal will be named King or Queen of the Kilt Critter Race (crown included). So come on over to the Kilt Critter Race track during the time listed and join in the fun!

Date: Sunday August 12   Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT   Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM HighlandGames 2015 Bagpipe Boogie

Join us for the official closing of the October, Highlander Games themed NipClub pawty. For NipClub Highlander Games attendees, the most memorable event is the massing of the pipe bands. We expect up to 20 or more pipers will join in the fun and march and play together. Anipals everywhere will join in the thunderous rendition of traditional favorites like Scotland the Brave or Amazing Grace, and other crowd-pleasing favorites like AC/DC (what? just making sure your paying attention!). Kilted fuzzies (and feathered, and scaled, etc.) will gather on Bag Pipe Lane, puff puff puff on their little bag pipes to make them bellow and skirl, and jam away while anipals gather in the street and clap their paws and stomp their feet (welly, really paws) to the glorious emanating sounds! Some critters will even be so moved by the sounds that they’ll sing along… don’t believe me? Well check it out here (!

Look for the Entertainment Leader listed below, and join in the Bagpipe Boogie fun – and if your the best bagpiper and or dancer, you could win yourself a nice prize!

Date: Sunday August 12   Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT   Host: @3phibotticelli









#Nipclub Monthly returns to Scotland


On September 12 and 13 #Nipclub Monthly returns to Scotland for more Highland Games.

Are you the athletic type?  Enter the Critter Kilt Races, Stone Put Toss, Scottish Dancing, or Hole in 1 contests.  Have other talents?  Join us for Bagpipe Boogie or Scottish Trivia.

As always, the Barktenders will be serving only the best food and drinks around, and the DJ`s will be keeping things lively.





Golf Championships Weekend Activities



Date: Saturday August 8  Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM EDT Host: @lucky_gsd  Date: Sunday August 9 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM EDT Host: @3phibotticelli


#NCM Golf 2015.ChampionshipJoin in the fun and everyone will have a good time! All of us anipals will have a grea time – join us down on the unique Anipal Championship Golf Course. Are you solo – well, then you will do well in the singles challenges, or if you like a twosome, well then doubles are for you; any more than that and you can join in our free-for-all where everyone gets on the golf course and grab your wedges, drivers and putters and start your game! Now, unfortunately, anipals have a rather mischievious streak, especially when golf equipment is present!!! So you will need to be on your guard to keep these anipals under control!

Date: Saturday August 8  Time: 6:00 –7:00 PM EDT Host: @OneWhiteDog


#NCM Golf 2015.PoolIn1The Illustrious 18th green has become a swimming pool? What is going on? For one hour and one hour only can you sink the ball in the 18th green? Can you persuade the kitties (who generally hate water) to get in and take part in this? Can we be sure that the Dogs will let the ball reach the hole or run off with them? There is the added glitches that some of the golf balls have been laced in nip and some have been laced in bacon beer so you basically have to be ready for a free for all! 

Date: Saturday August 8  Time: 7:00 –8:00 PM EDT  Host: TBA


#NCM Golf 2015.CartRacesThe usual sedate pace of the golf course has been turned into a whaaat? That’s right for one mad-cap hour the prestigious Anipal Golf Championship Course has been turned into an elite Buggy Race Track? Do you think you could be the next champion and get your buggy across the line in first place? Then if so this is for you, remember that anipals are quite a mischievious bunch so expect to encounter lots of obstacles and dare I suggest even cheating by some anipals! 

Date: Saturday August 8 Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM EDT Host: @OneWhiteDog


#NCM Golf 2015.FashionShowThere has been lots of different fashions paraded at Anipal Golf Championships and now they are all coming together to strut their stuff on the Paw-walk especially set up for the wonderful Anipals to show their impressive walking and beautiful outfits provided by our equally fashion conscious designers!

Date: Sunday August 9  Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT  Host: @3phibotticelli




Anipal Open Pro Shop is Open Now!

You`ve got new clubs, you`ve perfected your swing.  Now it`s time to get the perfect golf clothes.  Check out what we have ready for you.  To get yours, click on the name of the designer of the avatar you`d like and place your order.  We also do custom!


Designer @TweetingTruman is offering….

Truman has captured several classic golfing scenes.   Like what you see?  Tell him which one you want for your own.

BeaNCGolfDylanCNGolf     Models @bea_bells and @Dylacat1 ask you to  “See the ball……be the ball.“        

WinstonTabbyNCGolf  MarioNCGolf  LuckyNCGolf Models @WinstonTabby, @mariodacat and @lucky_GSD plan the shot

CinniNCGolf  IamRustyCatNCGolf  KatiebellaNCGolf  Models @CinniMini2 and @IamRustyCat remind us… Drive for show but Putt for dough.  While @katiebella2, well, she just looks marvelous!


Designer @RealFakeGator is offering….

#NCM Golf 2015 @doggyMollyNo, you aren`t wearing rose colored glasses, model @doggymolly is pretty in pink AND in a pink golf-themed background.  Want a different pink background?  Can do!  Want a different color background?  Can do!  Want the background but different clothes?  Can do!

#NCM Golf August 2015 @4catsstrapski .

@4catsstapski`s Bode takes a moment to decide whether to be a cat and play in the litter sand, or a golfer and shoot the ball out of the  sand trap.  Like this golf scene?  It can be yours!  Want a different one?  Just ask!


#NCM Golf  Frame Model @LizzieButtroseWant to show off  your own natural fur?  Then follow  model @Lizziebuttrose Rodger`s lead and let Gator put you into a golf-themed frame.


                                                                                                                                                    Need a golf cart like model @wallasEkatt?  Gator has several styles and colors available#NCM Golf 2015 @wallasEkatt



Keep watching for additions!


2015 Anipal Golf Championships

#NCM Golf 2015 invite bannerIn July, we were swinging from parallel bars and stationary rings.  In August we`ll be swinging golf clubs.  


August 8-9, 2015p0




Looking good in leotards – get your gymnastics avatar here!

Everyone looks good in leotards, especially with the pros at the #Nipclub monthly doing the tailoring.  Check out what we have to offer.  Don`t see anything you like?  We can do custom!

Designer @TweetingTruman is offering….

Bea_bellsNCG CinniNCG DylanNCG  models..@Bea_Bells, @CinniMini2, @dylcat1

KatiebellaNCG LuckyNCG MarioNCG models..@katiebella2 , @lucky_GSD, @mariodacat

TiggyBeanNCG WinstonTabbyNCG                                                models… @TiggyBean, @Winstontabby


Designer @RealFakeGator is offering…

#NCM Gymnastics @sanjeethecat     #NCM Gymnastics @LilyLWhoT                                            models… @sanjeethecat  @LilyLuWhoT

#NCM Gymnastics @RhondaHendee     #NCM Gymnastics @mattiedog                                            models… @RhondaHendee (Batman)  @mattiedog

Keep watching for additions!